Welcome to the Kung Fu Café.

Why ‘Kung Fu Café?’
Briefly, Kung Fu is a classical Chinese martial art, and all styles of Kung Fu can be divided into four aspects: 1) form, 2) force and skill, 3) application, and 4) philosophy. Not only does Kung Fu Café have a nice ring to it, but it also encompasses mine and my brother’s love for martial arts, their culture, and their philosophies.

One other reason for using the term ‘kung fu’ as opposed to ‘wǔshù’ or ‘wǔyi’ is because they can be translated from Chinese as ‘martial art,’ whereas ‘kung fu’ or ‘gōng fu’ refers to skill. But not just any skill; it refers to the skill in anything that is acquired through hard work.

Therefore, one can have good kung fu in cooking, or gardening, or in playing tennis, or, well, anything! This blog encompasses my journey through the development of my skill of cooking and enjoying what life has to offer. I also feel as though this is an appropriate name to capture what I believe to be so true: that hard work and planning is the only way to truly get what you want!

Why start this food blog?
Deciding what to make next, the process of actually creating and crafting it, photographing it, sharing and eating it with loved ones, and then writing about it and doing a bit of web-designing fills me with so much warmth and joy.

Not only that, but I can vary how challenging I want it to be, I place zero pressure on myself with regards to what people think of me, how I think of myself, or with having to perform in some way in front of people; it’s one of the few things in the world I feel that I do where I maintain a naturally bright and merry spirit and easily get lost in the process. I hope to share some of those joyous creations with you, and hopefully you can partake in some of this meditative practice with me. ?

So grab a cuppa ☕️, make yourself comfortable, and I hope you enjoy. I always welcome constructive feedback. ✅

Contact details
If you have any questions, queries, or comments, I’d love to hear them. Drop me an email here: tiggalina (at) gmail (dot) com.

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